Wednesday, December 31, 2014

East Texas Christmas

After a few lovely days at home, we headed to Nacogdoches for the second half of our Christmases to celebrate with the DuFrenes and the Malnars. 

The festivities at the Cabin in the Woods began with a hay ride and caroling. 

After singing every Christmas song we knew, we went inside to warm up with hot cocoa, Polar Express for the little kids and good conversation for the grown-ups.

The next morning, Santa had come (again)!

Jackson and Evie acted out the nativity story while Scarlette read the traditional scriptures.

Then Pop read the Cajun Night Before Christmas while Andrew didn't want to miss any of the pictures. =)

All of the grandkids got a picture with Santa Pop before the presents were passed out!

This is the only picture I managed to snap during the present opening...there was just too much going on. But Andrew insisted on putting on his new rain boots right away! He can already put them on all by himself (and does often). 

Jackson got a hot wheels race track that all the kids wanted to play with.

Later that night we put on our more festive clothes and stuffed our faces (again). With no agenda for the night, we just ate and talked and ate and played some games and ate some more. Yes, it was a good night just enjoying each other's company. 

The next night we celebrated with Papa John and Granny. Papa even managed to get a picture with two smiling boys! Lucky Papa--that doesn't happen often!

We are so fortunate to be able to spend time with all of those we love during the holiday. Yes, it was a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

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