Monday, January 5, 2015

Drew the Viking

I think one of the most endearing phases of childhood is when the child picks something they want to wear and never take it off. 

For Justin, it was his superman cape...

For Andrew, it is his viking hat! 

The boys each received one of these precious handmade hats at a friend's birthday party back in September. They found their way to the costume drawer and got pulled out from time to time for the next few months. In the last month though, Andrew and his hat have become inseparable.

He wears it when he's playing, riding in the car and especially insists on wearing it while he's sleeping. The Sleeping Viking is actually my favorite but I'm not crazy enough to risk waking a sleeping toddler with a bright camera flash in a dark room, so Playing With Play Dough Viking will have to do.

Also, I am crazy jealous of his eyelashes and the hat just seems to emphasize them! Not fair!

Drew the Viking, you are too cute!

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