Monday, December 1, 2014

O Christmas Tree

There's no other Christmas tree for me than a real live tree that we cut down ourselves. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we made our traditional trip to the tree farm to find and cut the perfect tree.

Jackson was eager to help cut the tree down again this year, and so proud of himself to get to hold the saw and do it all by himself! 

Well done, boys!

Andrew really really really wanted to hold the saw. Don't worry, Daddy was about 2 feet away, just barely cropped out of this picture!

Who says there's no fall in Texas?! I do think this tree farm has some of the prettiest fall colors in all of East Texas!

Grammy and Pop took advantage of the beautiful fall color and having all of their grandkids in one place!

Since we were already "in town", we opted to grab some lunch and then let the kids run around and play at the park.

It's a shame that Jackson is so lacking in personality!

Andrew took a short nap on the way home from the park, so to keep him quiet while the others rested, Pop put him to work outside on the tractor! I think he was in heaven!

Later that night we got to decorate Gram and Pop's tree. Jackson was SO into it this year which made my heart so happy. All of the other kids lost interest, but he hung in there until the very last ornament was on the tree--and Mom has a TON of ornaments!

The next morning all of the siblings had to leave to go their separate ways, but before we left, at Jackson's insistence we made one more trip into town to see the model train display just as we did last year. Jackson (and Pop) would be content to sit and watch it all day. But Andrew quickly grew enormously frustrated that he couldn't touch it.

We had such a lovely holiday spent at the Cabin in the Woods! We said our goodbyes which weren't too bad this time with the assurances that we would be back in just a few weeks for Christmas.

We made it about 5 minutes down the road before this was the scene in the back seat. I think they had a good time, don't you?

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