Monday, December 29, 2014

Jackson is 4 and a HALF

During all of the Christmas fun, we also observed Jackson's half birthday on the 16th. We told him "tomorrow is your half birthday buddy! You will be four and a half!" He replied by asking if we could have cupcakes for his half birthday. A funny side story about Jackson and his love for cake....while we were in DFW, we also went to my brother's 40th birthday. There were a few other treats but no cake. Jackson indignantly declared, "When I'm a big man and turn 40, there WILL BE CAKE at my party!"

So we had cake. =)

Four has been just as much fun as I suspected it would be. Jackson is a funny, articulate, expressive and smart boy. He keeps us laughing with the intelligent and wise beyond his years things that he says. He is a master negotiator, using all of those big words, handsome blue eyes and a flash of his dimple to charm his way through sticky situations. He can read about 40 sight words and I suspect he will be reading to us by his 5th birthday.

He has fully embraced his big brother role and he and Andrew play well together, mostly because Andrew is a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Jackson revels in bossing his brother around honing his leadership skills with his brother. He also asks and prays regularly for a baby sister. Haha we'll see, buddy.

He is the slowest eater in the whole world--unless it is one of his four favorite foods--pizza, quesadillas, sandwiches, or hot dogs. Those things he scarfs down in a hurry. Some of the slowness can be attributed to his tendency to admire his own reflection in any mirrored surfaces, whether that be the mirror in our china cabinet or a window at a restaurant. "Stop looking at yourself and take a bite!" is said in our house at least 10 times a day. He's pretty handsome though, so you can't hardly blame him!

At four, he can be a tad dramatic and prone to bouts of moodiness, but it's usually nothing that a few snuggles and reassurance can't solve. His primary love language continues to be physical touch.  As he's drifting off to sleep he has to be touching/rubbing mine or Justin's arm. This compulsion is both hilarious and uncanny because I did the exact same thing at his age. As such, he hates it when we wear long sleeves. =) Speaking of sleep, he has decided to start skipping some naps, though his evening behavior makes it painfully obvious the days when he has made that choice.

He is the best snuggler, a fun and funny companion, and thinks mommy is the prettiest lady in the world. 4 1/2 might just be my favorite!

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