Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finally, Christmas Day!

I'm not sure if the boys had trouble sleeping the night before Christmas but I sure did! I knew what was waiting for them and I knew they would love it!

Is this not the best Christmas morning "first look" picture ever? =D

Waiting for them was a scooter for Andrew, a marble ramp for Jackson and a fire house/police station for them to share. What I loved is that they both initially made a beeline for their gift. Santa did well! Each boy got exactly what they had been wanting.

To say that Andrew was excited about a scooter of his very own (not one that he has to borrow from a begrudging brother) is an understatement!

The shared, unexpected gift was a hit too!

Lots of wonderful little treasures were found inside stockings...

And many wonderful things got unwrapped too! Pretty much everything Jackson opened he declared "this is just what I wanted!" I love his exuberant, grateful heart! Except clothes. The clothes he tossed aside and said "Ick! Double nuggets (the worst insult he can come up with)! Clothes!" Mommy was grateful for the clothes, anyway.

Once every gift had been unwrapped, we had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of monkey bread and a delicious casserole.

After we stuffed our faces, we headed outside to try out that new scooter and burn off some energy/calories. Granted, Andrew has had the advantage of being able to practice on Jackson's scooter from the time he was big enough to reach the handlebars (around 18 months). But he is a 2 year old pro on the scooter!

He was SO proud of himself for getting to ride with big brother.

The path we took around the neighborhood is a little over a mile so Andrew needed a push from Pop by the end, but he did great!

Even Gracie had a very merry Christmas with some new catnip mice.

She was high as a kite and loving it. =)

While the boys napped, we prepared the feast and then had a lovely Christmas dinner. The presents and excitement of the day is fun, but it was the people we were able to share it with that made it the happiest of Christmases.

Throughout the day, we made sure that the reason for the celebration was not lost.

Jackson and Andrew led us all in the sweetest rendition of "Happy Birthday Jesus" and eagerly helped blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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