Monday, December 22, 2014

Elf on the Shelf: Week 3

Alfie has been keeping busy for another week, bringing giggles and glee to our house each day. 

On Monday, Alfie welcomed the boys back from their weekend trip to DFW with a poem and a little gift. 

The poem read:

Im so glad you are back from your weekend trip!
Seeing you walk through the door made me do a flip!
While you were gone though, I took just a little break,
Relaxing and snoozing, no need to be awake!
Now Im back to work, to watch you work and play,
Remember:  Be good! Santa will be here in just 10 DAYS!
Ive brought you each a little gift to add to your tree,
I hope you enjoy these ornaments that look just like me!

On Tuesday, Alfie was feeling a little hungry so he helped himself to some of the boys' favorite cereal.

On Wednesday, Alfie referenced their favorite movie.

On Thursday, Alfie was feeling a little tired since he had gotten a late start the night before because all of the Orientation Leaders had been at our house.

On Friday, Alfie made sure he had a good view of the tv so he could enjoy family movie night.

On Saturday, Alfie brought us all of the supplies to make some salt dough ornaments.

And finally on Sunday, Alfie the daredevil had a zip lining adventure! The boys liked this one the best and we played with Alfie a few times throughout the day (only raising up the zipline by the candy cane, of course, so we didn't touch him!)

Our time with Alfie is drawing to a close, but I bet he still has a few more tricks up his sleeve!

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