Sunday, December 7, 2014

Days of Christmas 4-6

Thursday, December 4th 
Happy fourth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 21 days! We live in Texas so unfortunately you are unlikely to see real snow this year. Here’s the next best thing—make some fake snow and have a snowball fight!

1 part shaving cream to 1 part cornstarch = snow magic. As is typical, Jackson didn't really want to help with the mixing part. He has issues with wet/sticky/messy things. Andrew didn't hesitate to dive in. 

Unfortunately my bottles of shaving cream were a little large and it threw off the ratio so our snow was a little too wet to be moldable, but we didn't let it stop our fun.

While the extra wet snow didn't make great snowballs, it made excellent hair gel!

Friday, December 05, 2015
Happy fifth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 20 days! Get ready for more holiday fun—tonight is Christmas at the Creek! Special Christmas fun awaits you after school. Make sure you take a good nap so you will be ready!

This was such a fun night with friends! Our big kids led the way and found inflatables, a hayride, a petting zoo and more.

An inflatable bounce house snow globe. What will they come up with next?

With so many things going on, this was our best attempt at a picture of the four musketeers, and a special cameo appearance of Amber's arm. 

These two can be bribed though. =)

 We ended the night with a movie under the stars.

Saturday, December 06, 2014
Happy sixth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 19 days! Christmas is all about giving, because God gave us the best gift of all when he sent Jesus to earth to be our Savior. Today, we are going to learn about giving to others. Find the Legend of Saint Nicholas book under the tree to learn more.

We read the book which tells the story of the real Saint Nicholas and talked about the importance of giving because God gave us the greatest of all, Jesus. Then, we headed out to pick out a toy to donate and a gift for each boy to give the other. 

Picking a toy to donate was relatively easy. Picking out a gift for each other was a little more challenging. Andrew is still easily swayed. Jackson on the other hand has strong opinions, and picked out so many things for "Andrew" that were conveniently items on his wish list. He was finally able to focus and choose something his brother will really like (and luckily Andrew is usually pretty willing to share). 

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