Thursday, December 25, 2014

Alfie's Big Farewell

Alfie wrapped up his last few days with us by doing a little coloring...

And working on the puzzle. It irked Jackson so much that Alfie had not finished the puzzle. He asked me to move Alfie so he could finish it for him.

Then all too soon, Christmas Eve, and Alfie's last day with us arrived. When Jackson came down the stairs that morning he found Alfie hanging out in the tree with a letter.

Dear Jackson & Andrew,

I have had so much fun being a part of your family again! All of the other elves at the North Pole are so jealous of all the fun I have had. I definitely have the BEST family!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day! As much fun as my visit has been and as much fun as tomorrow morning will be, I hope that you remember the true reason for all the fun. Christmas is Jesus birthday! Jesus was the greatest gift ever given, and he loves you more than anyone in the whole worldeven more than your mommy and daddy (and they love you a whole lot!) Show God how thankful you are for sending his son by being kind and generous all year long.

Today is my last day with you. When you wake up tomorrow, I will be gone but there will be presents from Santa! But since its my last day and tonight I will fly back to the North Pole in Santas sleigh, I wont need magic to fly. So you know what that means! Today its okay to touch me, hug me, and play with me. Before you go to bed tonight though, be sure to put me by the Christmas tree so Santa can find me when he comes to visit your house!

I have one last surprise for you before I goa treasure hunt! There are clues hidden all over the house that will lead you to a special gift from me!

I cant wait to see you next year!


You may remember that last year Alfie crepe papered Jackson's door on the last day which Jackson was not a huge fan of, and as a result, Jackson didn't want much to do with him for the rest of the day. This year's last day activity went over MUCH better. I don't think Jackson put him down for the rest of the day.

Andrew was pretty excited too that he finally got to touch the forbidden object!

The treasure hunt was so fun! Both boys LOVED this. Jackson was really good at solving the little riddles. I Alfie will have to make them harder next time.

Clue #1
Rudolph is the lead reindeer
because his nose can always be seen.
For your first clue,

check inside the washing machine!

Clue #2
Santa Claus wears
a bright suit thats red.
Go look under the place
where you rest your head.

Clue #3
Another clue must be told
Look where our milk
And food stays cold!

Clue #4
You will find your next clue
In the room full of toys
A great place to play for 2 little boys!

Clue #5
Brrr outside it really is chilly
But check the plant on the front porch,
Though you might look a little silly!

Clue #6
If you find what you use
To brush your teeth
Your next clue
Will be within reach!

Clue #7
To find the next clue,
Go to where we sit to eat.
Youre so close now,
Just look under your seat!

Clue #8
I hope youve had fun
Finding all the clues
You can find the special gift
Where we keep our shoes!

Alfie brought the boys a Christmas Eve themed puzzle and a new, interactive type The Night Before Christmas book.

Well done, Alfie! We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again next year!

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