Thursday, November 27, 2014

They'll Never Want to Come Home

As it was, our boys would rather be at the Cabin in the Woods than anywhere else. And then Pop got new toys. Now we don't stand a chance!

Andrew driving with such confidence yet lack of skill is both adorable and terrifying! He doesn't quite have the steering part down but he is great with the gas pedal. 

Jackson on the other hand is quite the pro.

Although they have their own rides now, there is still bickering over who gets to ride on the big 4-wheeler.

Jackson's fall bucket list included getting to to jump in a leaf pile. We don't have too many leaves at our house but Pop didn't disappoint!

There were even new additions to the fort!

We also got to visit Papa John and Granny. The boys discovered that Papa does an amazingly accurate Donald Duck Impression. Oh you should have heard those giggles!

Mom and Dad either better get some new toys or learn some cartoon impressions or we will never get these boys home!

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