Sunday, November 30, 2014


We had a great Thanksgiving!

There was delicious food, lots of relaxing, but best of all, it was spent with these lovelies!

Preparation for all of that delicious food started the night before, including mom and Justin's teamwork effort to make the dressing!

On Thanksgiving morning, I had the bright idea to make these cute cinnamon roll turkeys I saw on Pinterest. We didn't have the little candy eyes or candy corn, so we thought it would be fine to sub in other candies for the same effect. Haha nailed it.
Thankfully the kids didn't seem to mind!

Andrew wasn't feeling the selfies, but he's cute anyway!

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner is hard, but Pop had just the solution! A cardboard box mansion! Of course, waiting for Pop to complete the construction involved waiting too...

But it was worth the wait!

Finally it was time for lunch and this guy was ready for some turkey!

Clearly, he stuffed himself just like everyone else. This is pretty much what the whole house looked like right after lunch. =)

I would call that a successful Thanksgiving!

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