Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Before there was The Malnar Family, there was Camp Malnar. In 2008, I was honored to be selected as a namesake for Fish Camp, and not to brag or anything, but I pretty much had the best co-chairs ever. Morgan and Gwen are some of my favorite people of all time, and on Saturday, we got to see Morgan start her happily ever after. Oh happy day!

We were able to snap a reunion picture with the stunning bride, but only with the official photographer's camera. Gwen and I got a picture with our littles though!

Charlotte is pretty much the most precious thing ever! We tried so hard to get a picture of these three and these were the best we could do. If these are the keepers, you should see the outtakes! 

Justin's cousin, Megan, is also friends with Morgan so we got to see her at the wedding as well and meet her precious little boy Eli. Jackson and Eli became fast friends.

As we were discussing the day later that evening, Jackson told me, "Mommy, I fell in friendship today." I said "What do you mean, buddy?" and he said "You know, I fell in love with Jillian. Today I fell in friendship with Eli." Melt my heart!

While Jackson made a new friend, Andrew rocked the selfie...

...demonstrated some sweet dance moves...
 ...and flirted with Charlotte.

I think he thinks weddings are pretty fun!

Congratulations to Morgan and Brett! We were so honored to be part of their special day!

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