Thursday, November 20, 2014

Now it's time to say goodbye...

All too soon we had to say goodbye to Disney World. 

We managed to fit all of our stuff in suitcases with even a little room to spare for souvenirs. Jackson picked out his souvenir the very first day, but we made him wait until the last day just in case he changed his mind. He didn't. He was very pleased to purchase his Zurg gun with his Mickey dollars, a gift from Aunt Judy. He also decisively picked out a Peter Pan play set. Souvenir shopping with Andrew was not as easy. He instantly picked out a little Mickey car. When we asked him what else he wanted he said "NO! CAR!" No matter how we said it, we simply couldn't get him to understand that he could get the car AND something else. After much cajoling, he finally agreed to a Simba stuffed animal. He now loves his Simba but I didn't think we would ever get him to agree to it! Both boys also got their Mickey ears, a couple of plates that they love to use at dinner now, and a little book to put all of their flattened pennies in. 

With our bags packed and checked, we ate some lunch and took one more stroll around the resort before departing on the Magical Express.

Poor Andrew fell asleep in my arms on the bus and slept (as I carried him) all the way through airport security and to the gate. Apparently mothers carrying (heavy) sleeping toddlers look suspicious because I was "randomly" selected for the in depth screening. But it was at the gate where I left them because I was on a different flight.

So while they took precious in-flight selfies and landed uneventfully in Austin...

I got stuck in Dallas for the night. =( If you have a choice, don't fly American Airlines. We landed in DFW 20 minutes early but proceeded to sit inexplicably on the runway for 50 minutes while there were dozens of open gates making me miss my connection to College Station. I ran through the airport and everything. It was like that scene from Home Alone...but without the lively Run Run Rudolph playing in the background...and I don't recall any of the actor's asthma starting to flare up. Oh yeah, and the McAllister family all made it to their plane in time and didn't proceed to cry to an airline staff member. I was just ready to be home after 10 days away and instead was stuck in a questionable hotel with no clean clothes, toiletries, or really anything. Alas, I made it home the next morning.

10 days later and I still feel like we're playing catch up! But it was so, so worth it! Also 10 days later and Disney World is still what Jackson talks about non-stop. I'm sure his teachers are ready for him to move on and get excited about something else! I know this is a trip we will all fondly remember forever. Well, maybe not Andrew, but at least he has 1500 pictures to look at to show him how much fun he had. =)

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