Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Day of Magic!

Our last full day at Disney was spent back at the Magic Kingdom. It was cool and drizzly in the morning, which perhaps put a slight damper on the mood, but it didn't last long! Thankfully as the gates opened, the sun peeked through just a bit and we didn't really need our rain gear for the rest of the day.

Our first stop was at Belle and Maurice's cottage for Enchanted Tales with Belle (Beauty and the Beast). This was my favorite part of the whole trip! Here, a small group of guests gather in the cottage and then are "magically" whisked away to Beast's castle. Then, guests are selected to play various parts in the story acting out the day Belle and Beast fell in love. 

And you get to meet Belle! And hang out with her! Pardon me while a gush a bit, but a certain cute four year old got selected to play the part of Beast. AND HE DID AWESOME! First, he roared quite ferociously.

And then he charmed the socks off the princess with his graceful dancing and chivalrous bow. Kisses were exchanged. Basically, I was melting watching all the cuteness.

And you're in luck because my dad got it all on video!

Jackson wasn't the only star actor! Justin got to play one of the brave knights.

But Jackson was the only one who left with Belle's lipstick kiss on his cheek! He didn't want to wipe his cheek even at bath time much later that night.

Next, we got a glimpse into the future seeing our two boys behind the wheel. Let's just say they need some practice. =)

After the Speedway, we met Stitch!

Astro Orbiter had us blasting through space!

And then we got to help Buzz Lightyear defeat Zurg.

And then we got to meet Buzz! Jackson was so so so excited!

Though his face doesn't show it, I think Tomorrowland People Mover was one of Andrew's favorites.

Of course, we spun in a teacup.

We made the decision to stay at the park (rather than returning to the room for naps) so that we could see the 3:00 parade. It made for a really long day but it was worth it!

Cue requisite castle pictures here....

How cute are my parents?

Then we walked as fast as our little legs could carry us to the highly anticipated Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

While we all rode the rollercoaster, sweet boy Andrew and Grammy enjoyed a less thrilling, but equally enjoyable ride on the carousel.

By then poor Andrew had had enough. Thank goodness for Carousel of Progress and it's 20 minutes of dark, relative quiet. We "rode" it twice while Andrew (and Grammy and Pop) napped. Hilariously, Jackson LOVED it and watched attentively both times.

From there, honestly, we killed time. We had already ridden everything and by this time the park was really crowded and lines for almost everything were long. We rode Dumbo/Barnstormer again and then decided to ride Winnie the Pooh again, even though the wait was long. I mentioned earlier that we only waited in line a total of about 2 hours the whole trip--and 40 minutes of that was spent waiting for this one ride. We picked this one because Disney has gotten smart and started to create interactive queues and when we rode it on day 1 there was no line so we didn't get to enjoy it the first time. I think our boys enjoyed the line more than the actual ride! 

We grabbed some dinner and then Justin, Pop and I rode Space Mountain! Justin and I actually got to ride it twice with Mom and Jackson's fast passes. Space Mountain is still my favorite roller coaster ever. 

While we were riding Space Mountain, of all of the rides Jackson could have chosen, he picked Carousel of Progress--AGAIN. =)

Let me stop for a minute and talk about how wonderful it was to have Gram and Pop on this trip. We seriously couldn't have done it without them. From holding a child when our hands were full, to warding off tantrums with well-timed distractions (which may or may not have been gummy worms), they were lifesavers. Not to mention that it was just SO much fun to share the experience with them. Priceless memories!

Somehow we made it all the way to fireworks--that didn't happen until 10:00. With no real naps, that was quite a feat! But it was worth it!

After 15 hours and more than 20,000 steps, we made it back to our resort and basically collapsed. Thanks for all of the magic memories Disney!

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