Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We had a blast trick-or-treating last night with our friends! 

The festivities began with our traditional jack-o-lantern pizzas.

The first trick-or-treaters started to arrive so Jackson and Jillian got to pass out the goodies.

After that, our goody distribution operated on the honor system since we all headed out to trick-or-treat. If everyone followed the rules, we saw A LOT of trick-or-treaters, since there were 144 pencils and none were left by about 7:45.

They were pretty excited to go get some candy!

This was the best of our attempts to get a picture of all of the kids.

They made quite a haul! Andrew had it figured out...he waited until the passer outer crouched down to his level with the bowl, put something in his bag and then he would reach into the bowl and pull out another piece. Every time I would say "No, Andrew, they already gave you one" and inevitably, they would say "oh it's ok! He's so cute he can have another!" He probably ended up with about 25% more candy than Jackson!

He also made a new friend. He was having quite the conversation with this dog statue while I was snapping the picture.

Happy Halloween!

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