Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Did you miss me?

I'm back!

Did I mention we were going to Disney World??? Well, WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

We started our official countdown 10 days out (though I had mentally started the countdown long before that). The boys were pumped! Well, Jackson was pumped. He really "got it". Andrew was excited because Jackson was excited.

But before we got to see The Mouse, I got to head to Orlando a few days before the fam to hang out with these lovely folks and do some work conferencey things.

...and have close encounters with the local wildlife. Perhaps this was actually in the Dallas airport in route to the conference. But it was too fabulous not to share!

 In the conference down time, I enjoyed hanging out with friends from near and far.

And in the meantime, the countdown continued...until the big day finally arrived!

While I wrapped up the conference, the boys made their way to the happiest place on Earth! This was Andrew's first flight and the first flight that Jackson remembers (he flew once before when he was 5 months old).

Grammy, Pop and Justin all report that the boys did awesome on the flight!

And pretty soon they were in Orlando and boarding the Magical Express!

And finally they made it! My Aunt Judi and Grandma live nearby and were nice enough to pick me up from the conference hotel and take me to the Disney resort. I'm so glad we got to hang out with them for a little while!

We stayed at the Art of Animation resort and had fun exploring on the first night.

Stay tuned for all of the Disney fun...I only took 1300 pictures during the trip so brace yourselves!

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