Sunday, November 16, 2014

Amazing Animal Kingdom

Saturday of our Disney trip was spent at Animal Kingdom. 

Upon arrival, Jackson eagerly took the oath of Wilderness Explorer and enjoyed earning his badges throughout the day. To become a Wilderness Explorer, he had to repeat the oath, and here he is doing the Wilderness Explorer Call. "The Wilderness must be explored! CAW CAW, ROAR!"

The boys were too little to ride Expedition Everest and it was too cold for Kali River Rapids, so this park was not heavy on rides, something I'm not sure the boys were too thrilled about at first. It really was like a unique zoo, and once Jackson embraced that he had a really fun day. We did ride one ride though--Triceratops Spin! Well, Gram, Pop and the boys rode Triceratops Spin. Justin and I rode another ride nearby that Jackson was too short for. As you can tell, Jackson was a little peeved we left him!

Next up was our first show of the day--the Festival of the Lion King!

We used Fast Passes for this one so we had front row seats. It was definitely worth the Fast Pass to be so close to the performers and see all of their costumes close up.

This was a great show! There were so many things to watch at one time with all of the performers doing something different. We all loved it!

Next, we explored the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and saw lots of gorillas, zebras and cute meerkats. Jackson had some really great questions for the trail guide, and listened so attentively to her responses.

Our next stop was the Kilimanjaro Safaris. We saw many interesting animals. Andrew enjoyed waving to them for a little while but then got really antsy. I was able to tame him with snacks.

The Finding Nemo show was next. The puppets were amazing--if you can even call them that. Grammy, Pop, Jackson and I all loved it, but poor Justin had to leave pretty early on with Andrew. He had had enough sitting still for the day!

We made The Boneyard, a huge dinosaur themed play area, our next stop to let the boys run around a little bit. Andrew enjoyed excavating this mammoth. I couldn't even catch Jackson long enough to get a picture.

The Maharajah Jungle Trek was our next adventure where we saw tigers, birds and monkeys. As you can see, the best place for spotting wild animals is atop Pop's shoulders!

TAMU TAMU apparently means "very delicious" in Swahili! Gig 'em!

It's Tough to be a Bug featured the cutest 3D glasses in all of Disney!

Our day at Animal Kingdom wrapped up with pictures in front of the Tree of Life.

We had stayed at the park until mid afternoon, so at that point we were past the point of no return as far as naps were concerned. We opted to return to the resort and let the boys play at the play area, ensuring that they were extra worn out and ready for an early bedtime. How cute is this Finding Nemo playground?

And the Lion King Elephant Graveyard!

We ate dinner at our resort and topped it off with a Mickey cupcake to share.

Our early bedtime plan worked beautifully! We got to watch the second half of the Aggie's win over Auburn and the boys were down for the count by 7:45. With Gram and Pop hanging out in the room, Justin and I walked around the resort and found a few potential souvenirs in the gift shop.

We all went to bed early that night to rest up for our last day at Magic Kingdom in the morning....

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