Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

We lucked out last weekend when a cold front blew through just in time for the weekend and Andrew's party. We took advantage with lots of time spent outside. 

For Andrew's birthday, we got him a see-saw! We have sooooo many toys inside, but outside toys are generally always welcome--and bonus points that it's something the boys can enjoy together! He was so excited when he walked outside on Sunday and spotted the new addition.

Jackson had a little batting practice, with Grammy and Pop both fielding balls to him. He's gotten pretty good! 

Jackson is a little adrenaline junkie, so when it comes to swinging, the higher the better. And while he is happy to have anyone push him, no one pushes him faster and higher than his Pop!

Andrew appreciated having some extra "pushers" around as well!

On Sunday morning when we were getting set up for the party, Nana got the boys out of the house for a little while. They went to the Pumpkin Patch and then had a little park time.

We just love this time of year!

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