Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

It looks like we have another Halloween tradition! Pumpkin carving with Aunt Abby! Remember when we did it last year? Two years in a row now so I guess it's a tradition!

This year Jackson said he wanted a jack-o-lantern with a scary face, so we printed out a variety of faces for him to choose from.

Off comes the top, with boys waiting patiently.

Now it's time to scoop out the guts! Neither of them wanted to actually touch the stuff with bare hands, but were happy to use a spoon. Jackson used to be completely disgusted by it so we've come a long way!

"Hey mommy, look at my funny hat!"

Finally it was time for the more precise work of the actual carving. We didn't think Jackson and Andrew could help very much with this part but we were wrong. =) I'm sure it was easier for Abby to do the carving with 35 pounds on her back, right?

All done!

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