Monday, October 20, 2014

Lately, sort of

Does three weeks ago count as lately? Oh well, October has been a busy month. 

This lovely Sunday lunch with Abby was actually at the end of September. Better late than never?

Our boys just love their Aunt Abby!

We also love dress-up in this house, and I love that there are actually dress-up options for boys these days! We regularly have appearances of knights, firemen and of course, superheroes.

Last weekend we bought a few pumpkins for our porch--including this one that is bigger than Andrew!

Last weekend we also enjoyed visiting with my old friend Molly who came to town and a dreary weather march-in.

You didn't know it, but you've been eating raspberries all wrong. Check out Andrew's technique. He ALWAYS eats his raspberries like this....

Last Monday I had a late work night to prepare for New Family Welcome. Since I wasn't going to see them for the rest of the evening, I got the boys out of school a little early to enjoy some quality time and a special treat.

The boys love hanging out with "Mommy's work friends!"

Tortillas and queso seem to bring out the affectionate side of these boys...

And then this weekend, I got to spend lots of quality time with these ladies during New Family Welcome.

A Friday night dessert reception, an early morning 5K, and a tailgate party for 2000 people equated to more than 21 miles on my FitBit over the two days!

 Exhausted doesn't begin to describe how we all felt afterwards!

The rest of the month promises to be just as busy but a lot less work! Stay tuned!

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