Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew!

How is it possible? How is this little guy...

already TWO? The time has flown by, but at the same time, it feels like a lifetime ago when we didn't have sweet Andrew in our lives.

At two, he is just a sweet, sweet kid. He's easy going, adaptable, and loves everyone. He's funny and enjoys making someone else laugh. Then he'll say "Andrew funny" and giggle. Nothing makes him laugh harder than a good adrenaline rush, though. If you hide and then jump out to "scare" him he laughs hysterically. He's content to let his brother talk a mile a minute...until you get him alone and then he too will talk non-stop, narrating everything he sees. He's learning new words everyday and putting them together in increasingly sophisticated ways. As of late, he seems to string them together best when he's being bossy, saying things like "Mommy, sit. Sit right dere," all said with a commanding little point of his finger and a furrow of his brow.  

Andrew's motor skills continue to impress. He throws a ball with surprising accuracy, rides a scooter like a pro, and scales furniture or playground equipment with ease. He's working on pedaling a trike--not quite there but will have it down soon enough. He puts on his own shoes and attempts to dress and undress himself.

He's a little busy-body, always wanting to climb up on the counters to see what we're cooking or to get into things placed out of his reach. Since he learned he can move his little chairs anywhere in the house to climb on things, there is truly nothing safe anymore. He is also a great helper. He loves to throw things away, wipe up messes, and help to feed Gracie or the turtles. His teachers can easily distract him from any apprehension he is feeling when we leave for the day by asking him if he wants to help with whatever task they are doing. He is also our chief mess maker though. His favorite toys are those that have a million pieces--legos, play food in the kitchen, etc. He dumps them on the floor (never actually plays with them), strews them around the room, and then moves on to the next zone. He doesn't stay in one place doing one thing for very long.

He loves ketchup, berries of any kind, applesauce pouches and yogurt (also known as "GURT!"). He loves his brother, Curious George, and Gracie the cat. He loves reading books and cries every night when we have finished reading our allotted three stories. Unlike Jackson, he doesn't care for my singing, at least not at bedtime. I try to sing to him and he puts his little hand over my mouth and says "NO! Mommy, top it." Ha!

Andrew is generous with his hugs, kisses, thank yous and high fives. He makes everyone he encounters smile. He keeps us on our toes, but keeps our hearts brimming over with joy and love. What a wonderful two years...and many, many more, sweet boy!

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