Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cousins at the Corn Maze

Last year we went to a Corn Maze and it was Jackson's Fall Bucket List request that we go back. We loved the farm we went to last year, but decided to go to a different one this year so that we could meet up with my brother and his family. A day at the Corn Maze is fun, but a day at the Corn Maze with cousins had Jackson up at the crack of dawn, excited with anticipation!

Glad we snapped these pictures first, as you'll see the group shot we tried to get at the end didn't go so well!

First everyone tried the bouncy ponies. They were interesting but didn't hold the kids' attention for very long with so many other things to see and do.

Next up was the cow train! Definitely a favorite. Jackson, Annabelle and Andrew were all pumped and hopped in the cars closest to the front. Breelie didn't share their enthusiasm for the front cows since they are too close to the stinky exhaust of the engine and picked the very last cow. Smart little girl!

Once the ride got started though she was a little more excited!

Andrew's hands down favorite though were the goats. Oh my he would have cuddled and kissed these goats all day if he had the chance. This face perfectly sums up how he felt about them.

Next, the boys rode the big trikes while the girls got their faces painted.

Our last attraction before the corn maze itself was the jumping pillow. Everything had been going great--everybody was in a good mood and excited about the day. Everyone enjoyed their jump and then they blew the whistle signifying their jump time was over and that's when things went south. Quickly. I'm not sure exactly what happened but Jackson hurt his leg. Like, you would have expected bone to have been poking out of the skin from the way he was carrying on. I scooped him up and he sobbed that he was ready to go home. We went and sat under a tree for a little while and gave him lots of hugs and kisses on his boo boo. There was no swelling, no redness, really no indication of any kind of serious injury, just that he absolutely refused to walk and insisted he was ready to leave. Awesome.

I'm such a mean mom because I made him go through the corn maze anyway. I did carry him most of the way, so I guess I haven't waived my Mom of the Year Award altogether.

I love how this picture captures both Andrew and Jackson's little faces. Andrew thought the corn maze was delightful. Jackson...not so much.

And then we asked the kids to stand in front of the corn for a picture. Yeah, that went well.

So then Ali and Annabelle and I made our own version of the little sob/pout fest that was their picture attempt.

While Jackson pouted, Andrew picked out about a dozen pumpkins!

Since it was getting hot and everybody was getting a little cranky, we called it a day and went to get some lunch. And then this happened.

He actually fell asleep at the table!

I guess all of his excitement and early morning wake-up caught up to him. Poor boy was exhausted. He proceeded to sleep most of the hour drive home and then another almost 3 hours in his bed! 

p.s. His leg was perfectly fine the next day.

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