Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clickety Clack the Circus Train is Coming Down the Track!

The details of the party are fun for me to put together, but the part that our little guys remember is all the fun they have and the people they share it with. Andrew certainly had a blast at his party and got to celebrate with so many people that love him!

Andrew blew out his TWO candles and opened some wonderful gifts. 

And then the main attraction pulled up to our back gate--THE TRAIN! 

Truth be told, Andrew was a little unsure of the train at first. Pop helped him to be brave and then he couldn't get enough. He rode in every car and with most every party guest.

All of his guests, enjoyed the train too! Even the grown ups!

And those that needed a break from all the choo chooing action found plenty to do in the backyard as well.

Happy Birthday Andrew! 

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