Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Circus Train Party! (The Details)

We celebrated our sweet boy turning two with a circus train party! Jackson still talks about his "choo choo party" and insisted that Andrew needed a train at his 2nd birthday too. Andrew is a big fan of trains too, so we were happy to agree, but not one to recycle a theme (because what fun would that be?), we took the train theme a slightly different direction. And the result is what may be my favorite party theme we've done so far. All the paper goods and decor were designed by me, with the clip art bought from this Etsy seller.

Welcome to the party!

For party goers with a sweet tooth, there were cupcakes, fruit, cotton candy and circus animal crackers with funfetti dip. 

We also served hot dogs and had a popcorn bar. And cheetos. Because the birthday boy requested them. 

Andrew the Ringmaster is hands down the cutest thing I've ever photoshopped.

The weather was about as perfect as we could hope for early October and the backyard looked so festive!

My hubby's awesome party contribution--the photo booth! 

But the highlight of the party was waiting just beyond the backyard gate! Stay tuned for all the party fun coming up next!


  1. Where did you find a train to rent?

  2. There are actually several in our town available to rent. Try a Google search for "Party Train Rental". Both of the companies I am aware of locally popped up with this query. Hopefully there are some in your area too! Thanks for visiting!