Monday, October 13, 2014

Allergy Testing--Round 2

Shortly after Jackson turned 1, we discovered that he was allergic to peanuts. He was officially tested when he was 2 and confirmed the diagnosis of a moderate peanut allergy. Since peanut allergies can run in families, the recommendation from our doctor for Andrew was to avoid all exposures to peanuts until he could be tested at age 2. So last week we took both boys in for testing. Andrew had to get the full nut panel to rule everything out, so he got the numbing cream on his whole back. While we waited for the numbing cream to work it's magic we watched some cartoons....

Jackson got super comfortable...

And Andrew played with his belly button.

Guess who isn't allergic to anything?? This guy!

Guess who still is? Poor Jackson.

While the skin test still indicates some level of allergy (virtually unchanged from his visit 2 years ago), the blood test suggests fairly significant improvement. This is a very good sign and promising that he could clear the allergy all together! 

This visit also assured us that Jackson most likely will not be a phlebotomist when he grows up. As we were waiting for them to call him back to do the blood work, I had to break the news about what was about to happen. I told him they were going to use a needle to take some blood out. He angrily (and loudly) said "THEY ARE MEAN! When they take me in that room I am going to throw them out the window!" No one likes having their blood drawn, but at least he was able to provide a little levity to all of the other patients waiting their turn.

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