Monday, September 15, 2014

Racing a T-Rex and more fun

We took a trip to Dallas this weekend to visit Justin's family. Jackson and Andrew had both been so excited about the trip. When I woke Jackson up on Saturday morning to leave, I said "Jackson! It's time to get up to go see Nana!" and as he lifted his sleepy head off his pillow he said excitedly "Yes! It's what I've been looking forward to!"

We had heard good things about the Perot Museum, so we planned for an early morning in order to be there when it opened. The museum did not disappoint! So many hands on activities for kids of all ages. We could have spent a couple of days there and still would not have been able to check out all of the exhibits. 
Learning about weightlessness.

Racing a robot.

Making music.

Experiencing an earthquake.

Here he actually asked me to take his picture "in front of the big Earth!"

And our favorite exhibit, the dinosaurs!

Checking out the Dallas skyline. Andrew was impressed.
Jackson even got to race a T-Rex!

We could have spent hours just in the Children's Museum section. Jackson and Andrew both thoroughly enjoyed playing in the Dallas themed playscape, complete with conveyor belts and foam bricks to move throughout the various levels.

With our tummies growling, we leap frogged our way out of the museum....

...with a brief stop to checkout the outdoor instruments...

We walked a few blocks up to Klyde Warren Park to check out the food trucks and green space all perched atop the freeway. 

Did you spy jeans and jackets in these pictures? That's because the temperature was 59 degrees when we arrived in Dallas on Saturday morning! The first cool day of fall is one of my favorite of the whole year and this one did not disappoint!

We enjoyed dinner with the whole family on Saturday night. A late dinner led to a late bedtime and then that's when things started to go downhill. Combine all of that with staying in an unfamiliar place and the fact that poor Andrew had been sick with the yucky Hand, Foot and Mouth virus (you may have noticed the remnants of the rash on his face) and he was way way off of his normal routine. After a fight, we finally got him to sleep around 11:30 only for him to wake several times throughout the night. He woke up like an angry hornet before 7 in the morning and basically cried for an hour. We were exhausted and frazzled and ready to leave him in Dallas with his Nana.

Thankfully things improved on Sunday morning, starting with breakfast snuggles with Nana.

We ended our visit with playtime at a park and a little shopping.

Thanks for a fun weekend Nana and family! We enjoyed seeing you!

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