Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Lately we've done a whole lot of nothing exciting, but sure is fun!

We almost brought these home from Target, because you know, we need them, and we get 5% off with our red card. =)

Silly face pictures are way more fun to take than plain old smiling pictures. 

When you're very still and quiet, you get a cuddly friend to come sit in your lap.

 Lots of big brother worship going on over here. Whenever I pick Andrew up from school, he first says "Cup!" (reminding me to get his cup to take home) and then he says "Jackson?" He then runs out of his class and hollers "JACKSON!" down the hall until he is reunited with his brother.

Could you resist giving another cheeto to this precious face? Nope, we couldn't either.

We've been loving and living up this cooler weather! Almost every night we have gone for a walk or a bike ride. Jackson's gotten really good at his scooter lately and we have to yell at him to slow down so we can catch up.

I have two of the best (and cutest) kitchen helpers, don't you think?

And when all of that fun is done, story time is still one of our favorite times of the day!

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