Friday, September 5, 2014

Escape to Our Happy Place

Immediately following my exhausting week last week we escaped to the Cabin in the Woods for some much-needed R&R. The boys' school was closed on Monday so we made a three day weekend of it. We were happy to get to celebrate with my mom who officially retired! 

Of course we had to get in a lake day, likely our last of the season! I just love watching the boys when the boat first takes off...the feel of the wind on their little faces makes them light up with a smile every time.

Our boys are usually all about tubing, and they were still happy to do that on this outing....

But once Uncle Matt rode up on his Sea-Doo, there was really only one preferred activity!

After a morning on the lake, naps for the whole family and dinner we made our way back down to the lake to help Uncle Matt wear out his dogs and wait for the sunset. Deuce, Matt's lab, is still basically a puppy and still learning the concept of retrieving. As such, this game required the procurement of numerous sticks as Deuce was not terribly reliable at returning the one previously thrown. One of our boys' favorite hobbies is finding a stick wherever we go, so they were really good at this game and eager to help!

On Sunday morning, we got to hang out with Papa John and Granny at their house. Andrew thinks Papa's mustache is pretty funny.

Back at Grammy and Pop's house in the afternoon, you would think this kid was having a terrible time. In reality he was having too much fun to pause for even a moment, and this is the face I get 90% of the time when I ask him for a picture.


At least I can still trick one of my boys into smiling for me!

The rest of the day was filled with what we do best at Grammy and Pop's--just simple joys. Like swinging in the hammocks with someone you love....
Watching bugs...

Appreciating the fort your Pop built for you...

Going on a ride with two of your favorite people in the world...

Finding the biggest stick at the lake and sticking it in the mud as far as you can...

And just soaking up every moment of the slower pace.

Yep, the weekend was exactly what we all needed.

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