Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Date Night

No, Justin and I didn't sneak away for a date night. Instead, it was Jackson who got to have a special evening with his bestie, Jillian! Jillian's mommy dropped her off for their viewing of Aladdin, and Jackson promised to hold her hand to protect her from the scary Jafar. 

Jackson loves Jillian. Like, really loves her. Rarely does a day go by when he doesn't mention that he and Jilly are going to get married. Whenever he talks about the future, he's "a big man like daddy and Jilly is my wife". Both of them tell us that they will have two babies name Potato Head and Minnie Mouse. 

So with all that said, little brother as the chaperone may be a strategy we employ in about 12 (or preferably 20) years too! 

A dance party followed with lots of silliness and smiles.

And some snuggles too...

And there may have been a moment when "A Whole New World" was on when Jackson leaned over and said "true love's kiss!" and went in for a big kiss. To which I quickly stepped in and said "Let's just stick to true love's hugs, mmmmkay guys?"

Oh my word.

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