Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Date Night

No, Justin and I didn't sneak away for a date night. Instead, it was Jackson who got to have a special evening with his bestie, Jillian! Jillian's mommy dropped her off for their viewing of Aladdin, and Jackson promised to hold her hand to protect her from the scary Jafar. 

Jackson loves Jillian. Like, really loves her. Rarely does a day go by when he doesn't mention that he and Jilly are going to get married. Whenever he talks about the future, he's "a big man like daddy and Jilly is my wife". Both of them tell us that they will have two babies name Potato Head and Minnie Mouse. 

So with all that said, little brother as the chaperone may be a strategy we employ in about 12 (or preferably 20) years too! 

A dance party followed with lots of silliness and smiles.

And some snuggles too...

And there may have been a moment when "A Whole New World" was on when Jackson leaned over and said "true love's kiss!" and went in for a big kiss. To which I quickly stepped in and said "Let's just stick to true love's hugs, mmmmkay guys?"

Oh my word.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Point a camera at these guys and they look the other direction. Let them see the screen while the picture is being snapped and they are total hams. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lettuce and Avocado

One morning in July when Nana was visiting us, she and Andrew were playing outside in the backyard when they made a discovery. A box turtle had taken up residence in our backyard! It's possible that he had always been there and we just had never seen him. But as we've learned over the last few months, he is a very outgoing turtle so I think he somehow just wandered into our yard and decided to stay!

Jackson named him "Lettuce" since that's one of the foods he likes to eat. Almost daily, we put little bits of produce out on the patio for him, and early in the morning or around dusk, he will make his way across the yard to eat his treats. He seems to be a fan of strawberry tops, squishy grapes, and especially avocado.

Andrew was a little weirded out by him at first, but has warmed up and now asks "See Lettuce?" every night while we are eating our dinner. Jackson has been pretty impressed with him all along.

And then one day a few weeks ago, we were driving home when we saw a turtle that looked like Lettuce trying to cross a busy road. We turned around and rescued it before it became a speed bump. So now we have two turtles! Jackson named the new one Avocado. =)

They are perfect "pets". We enjoy watching them and giving them treats but, most importantly, they take care of themselves!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Lately we've done a whole lot of nothing exciting, but sure is fun!

We almost brought these home from Target, because you know, we need them, and we get 5% off with our red card. =)

Silly face pictures are way more fun to take than plain old smiling pictures. 

When you're very still and quiet, you get a cuddly friend to come sit in your lap.

 Lots of big brother worship going on over here. Whenever I pick Andrew up from school, he first says "Cup!" (reminding me to get his cup to take home) and then he says "Jackson?" He then runs out of his class and hollers "JACKSON!" down the hall until he is reunited with his brother.

Could you resist giving another cheeto to this precious face? Nope, we couldn't either.

We've been loving and living up this cooler weather! Almost every night we have gone for a walk or a bike ride. Jackson's gotten really good at his scooter lately and we have to yell at him to slow down so we can catch up.

I have two of the best (and cutest) kitchen helpers, don't you think?

And when all of that fun is done, story time is still one of our favorite times of the day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Need a laugh?

No idea how they came up with this little game but Andrew thinks it's HILARIOUS.

We are in trouble with this one. He's funny and he knows it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Train your Dragon Party

Oh my gosh y'all, we went to an epic birthday party on Saturday for one of Jackson's favorite little buddies, William. William's parents knocked themselves out on this one, starting with this life-size, papier-mache Toothless. No, I'm not kidding. They.made.that. 

And can we just talk about those little Viking hats each child was given? Too cute for words and handmade by the birthday boy's grandma. Talk about a crafty family!

The kiddos then painted Viking shields.

A little sword fighting was next...the facial expressions are my favorite!

Dragon races followed! I didn't get a picture of it, but then they hunted for dragon eggs!

Lots of fun was had by all, but most importantly, we got to celebrate this little guy turning four! Happy Birthday William!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Reluctant Painter

One of Jackson's most favorite activities is a bathtub paint party, as shared here and here. Last night, Andrew discovered it was fun too! But he didn't start out all smiles as you see here...

In fact, he took a little convincing...notice how he is touching the bathtub and paint as little as possible?

...and was willing to just observe as Jackson went to town?

Yep, you couldn't have two more different initial reactions...

Poor baby, torturing him with a fun, expressive, sensory activity. Worst parents ever.

But then Andrew asked for more blue paint, and somehow that simply changed everything!

They tried out some new, colorful hair dos...

...and Jackson practiced writing his letters.

Even clean-up was fun!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Racing a T-Rex and more fun

We took a trip to Dallas this weekend to visit Justin's family. Jackson and Andrew had both been so excited about the trip. When I woke Jackson up on Saturday morning to leave, I said "Jackson! It's time to get up to go see Nana!" and as he lifted his sleepy head off his pillow he said excitedly "Yes! It's what I've been looking forward to!"

We had heard good things about the Perot Museum, so we planned for an early morning in order to be there when it opened. The museum did not disappoint! So many hands on activities for kids of all ages. We could have spent a couple of days there and still would not have been able to check out all of the exhibits. 
Learning about weightlessness.

Racing a robot.

Making music.

Experiencing an earthquake.

Here he actually asked me to take his picture "in front of the big Earth!"

And our favorite exhibit, the dinosaurs!

Checking out the Dallas skyline. Andrew was impressed.
Jackson even got to race a T-Rex!

We could have spent hours just in the Children's Museum section. Jackson and Andrew both thoroughly enjoyed playing in the Dallas themed playscape, complete with conveyor belts and foam bricks to move throughout the various levels.

With our tummies growling, we leap frogged our way out of the museum....

...with a brief stop to checkout the outdoor instruments...

We walked a few blocks up to Klyde Warren Park to check out the food trucks and green space all perched atop the freeway. 

Did you spy jeans and jackets in these pictures? That's because the temperature was 59 degrees when we arrived in Dallas on Saturday morning! The first cool day of fall is one of my favorite of the whole year and this one did not disappoint!

We enjoyed dinner with the whole family on Saturday night. A late dinner led to a late bedtime and then that's when things started to go downhill. Combine all of that with staying in an unfamiliar place and the fact that poor Andrew had been sick with the yucky Hand, Foot and Mouth virus (you may have noticed the remnants of the rash on his face) and he was way way off of his normal routine. After a fight, we finally got him to sleep around 11:30 only for him to wake several times throughout the night. He woke up like an angry hornet before 7 in the morning and basically cried for an hour. We were exhausted and frazzled and ready to leave him in Dallas with his Nana.

Thankfully things improved on Sunday morning, starting with breakfast snuggles with Nana.

We ended our visit with playtime at a park and a little shopping.

Thanks for a fun weekend Nana and family! We enjoyed seeing you!