Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wheels on the Bus

Jackson and Andrew are obsessed with buses. Especially Andrew. Every time he sees one he points and yells "BUS!" Several months ago when Andrew was in a particularly disagreeable mood, I was asking him a series of questions to see if I could find one thing he wouldn't say "No" to. It went something like this:

"Andrew, do you want to go get the mail with me?" - "No"
"Do you want to help me feed Gracie?" - "No"
"Do you want some applesauce?" - "No"
"Do you want to watch Elmo?" - "No"
"Do you want to go for a ride on a bus?" "YES!"

So then it was settled. We would go for a ride on a bus. Our first opportunity was on Friday when their school was closed and Justin and I were each taking a 1/2 day off anyway. It was also the last weekday before all of the students returned, making it our last good opportunity for a while for this little field trip.

Decked out in their 12th Man jerseys, they were some of the cutest little Aggie brothers you've ever seen. And this is how they chose to walk all over campus....

Our first stop was my office to drop off my stuff. The boys love "mommy's work friends" and enjoyed hanging out with them for a few minutes. Jackson especially has a soft spot for Ms. Emily. =)

They also checked in on the progress of the Kyle Field renovations...

And then we made it to the main attraction--the bus!! Jackson was delighted. He loved every minute of it and would have been happy to ride all day.

Poor Andrew was not so sure. Eventually his apprehension gave way to curiosity though, and he wanted to run around the bus. If only he had stayed fearful and we could have ridden longer!

We got off the bus and went to say hi to some friends in Student Activities. My friend Sarah snapped this picture of me and my boys as we left. Thanks Sarah!
My hands are full and so is my heart!

We stopped in the MSC bookstore to get a couple of Aggie hats for the boys. Jackson was excited to hug (earless?) Reveille. Andrew was not. He stood shyly behind me shaking his head and softly saying "no, no". 

But both boys were eager to splash in the fountain!

We boarded another bus that took us to a very special destination--to Daddy's office!

Daddy joined us for lunch on campus and by this point the boys were worn out! 

It was such a fun, simple morning with my little boys. And Jackson is already asking when we can do it again. =)

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