Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School

Another school year has officially started! Since we are in the preschool years, school never really ended since the boys go year round, but Monday was the official promotion day for all of the older kids. 

We are so happy to have the boys at the same school again! 

And I think they are pretty happy to be together too!
Andrew looks SO big to me here!
Technically, Andrew's first day at his new school was last Wednesday. 

He let dad carry him at first and then insisted in walking on his own like the big, independent boy that he is.

Jackson was excited to show Andrew around at his school and introduce him to everyone! Andrew has handled the transition to his new school amazingly well. He was instantly comfortable and his teacher told us today that he has been doing great--he's so sweet and is following all of the rules so well already. =)

On Monday, Jackson moved up to the next class, the Pre-K class. Can't believe this boy is one of the "big kids" now and will be headed to Kindergarten in just one short year! He wanted to make sure his "Who Dat" backpack got in a picture!

He's so excited about his new class and came home telling us about the "sand machine" they have in the sensory table and how if they make it to the top of the good behavior chart, they can use the computers during center time. Exciting stuff!

Daddy had to fly solo for the first day of school drop-off because I had to be at work super early for the last New Student Conference of the year. #workingmomprobz #daddyonduty (note to self: work out a solution to this before next year--can't miss Jackson's first day of Kindergarten!)

This is at the end of his first day. Too much excitement and being stuck in traffic made for one tired little boy!

And finally a quick flashback--first day of school 2013 vs 2014! Slow down boys!

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