Monday, August 11, 2014

Bouncing for Birthdays

Another weekend, another trip to celebrate the birthdays of some of our nearest and dearest!

This Saturday, our destination was Houston for the royal birthday celebration of these two lovely princess sisters! Evie turned 3 and Scarlette turned 20!

The wishes were made, and candles blown out. Here's to hoping each princess got her wish!

The party was held at Trampoline World, a destination I wish we had here in College Station. It was fun for party-goers of all ages! 

Jackson sobbed when they announced that our time was up and it was time to leave. Through his sobs he said "That lady on the speaker hurt my feelings when she said I had to leave". LOL. Both kids crashed on the way home and stayed asleep when we finally made it home, carried them inside and put them in their beds. Trampoline World=Easiest Bedtime Ever.

Happy Birthday Princesses Evie and Scarlette! We are so glad we got to celebrate with you!

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