Sunday, August 24, 2014

Andrew's Sick Day

I hate when my kids are sick...of course I do! But, how often do I get to take a half day (during my busiest season at work, no less) and get to spend it snuggling and playing with a cuddlier, slightly more subdued version of my favorite toddler?

Andrew got sick right after we put him to bed on Wednesday night and continued to get sick throughout the night. Ick. But by Thursday morning, he seemed to be feeling a little better and we enjoyed an hour of snuggling on the couch watching cartoons and he was even treated to breakfast with Elmo.

By mid-morning, it was clear that he was feeling better (i.e. he started getting into mischief) so we headed upstairs to play.

By the time Jackson made it home from school, Andrew was definitely feeling more like himself and was eager to show his brother the biggest train track we've ever built...while playing cowboy. Clearly those things go together, right?

We are grateful that Andrew's sickness was short-lived at least and that no one else was affected!

And while this post is about Andrew, I have to include these picture of Jackson, just because he is cute. =)

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