Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew's Big Boy Bed

Sweet Andrew decided he wanted some extra cuddle time on Saturday night, so he crawled out of his crib and came and found us. We had known it was just a matter of time...he's been able to crawl into his bed for quite some time and he climbs on everything. 

He did get that extra snuggle time with mom while daddy dropped his crib to the lowest level. We crossed our fingers and hoped that would contain him, but it took him about 1 minute to prove that a few more inches was no deterrent for Drewdozer.

See? It's easy!

So before nap time on Sunday, Andrew became the proud owner of a toddler bed (and a bit more baby proofing in his room).

Two nights in and the transition has been pretty easy! We can't believe how big this boy is getting!

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