Friday, August 8, 2014

22 Month Old Andrew

Our sweet Andrew is 22 months!

Month 22 brought Andrew many more words! We even heard his first full sentence--"I want my mommy!"--spoken very definitively to his daddy who was trying to get him dressed. We still hear lots of "No's" (no where as often than when we are at swimming lessons....more on that in a later post), but he has started saying an enthusiastic "Yes!" quite a bit too.

Like his brother at this age, he loves anything that moves--trucks, planes, trains but especially buses! We live in a college town and our route to school takes us through campus so we see a fair amount of buses. Each and every time he sees one he says "BUSSSSS!" and repeats it, progressively louder, until we acknowledge that we, too see the bus.

A few quirks about Andrew at this age: He is constantly taking his shoes and socks off. We could be in the car for one minute and he would already have both shoes and socks off. And likely chewing on the shoe. Yum! I impulsively bought him new velcro shoes this week because I was so tired of having to untie the shoe to get it back on his foot and then tying it again.

Also, you know the Snickers campaign "you're not you when you're hungry"? That's 100% Andrew. Hungry Andrew throws himself down on the floor of the kitchen and wails until we feed him and/or grabs anything and everything that is within his reach off the counter to help himself. He has been known to grab the step stool to climb onto the barstool to climb onto the counter to retrieve a snack for himself. He especially loves bananas!

He may be a lefty! He always throws (really well!) with his left hand and often grabs the fork or a marker with the left. It may be a little early to say but he is definitely showing a preference.

His favorite toy is anything that Jackson has. His favorite activity is whatever Jackson is doing. His favorite place to go is wherever Jackson is going. This boy loves his brother. The easiest way to get him to do something he doesn't want to do is to let Jackson take his hand and lead the way. He also knows how to push Jackson's buttons and intentionally does things to annoy him. He plays the role of irritating little brother extremely well!

Happy 22 months sweet guy!

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