Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grown-Ups Night Out

A special shout-out goes out tonight to my bestie, Amber, who is celebrating her birthday today! 

We went out last weekend to celebrate at a grown-ups only affair. The fantastic Libby babysat our kiddos and took this picture of me and my honey before we left the house! Thanks for making the night possible, Libby!

Amber and Julian's birthdays are only 10 days apart so it was an extra special double celebration.

Yummy food, rich desserts, wine, good company, and no children made for a fun and rare evening!

We stayed out past midnight, y'all! Who are these crazy kids??

Happy birthday, Amber and Julian! We loved celebrating with you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School

Another school year has officially started! Since we are in the preschool years, school never really ended since the boys go year round, but Monday was the official promotion day for all of the older kids. 

We are so happy to have the boys at the same school again! 

And I think they are pretty happy to be together too!
Andrew looks SO big to me here!
Technically, Andrew's first day at his new school was last Wednesday. 

He let dad carry him at first and then insisted in walking on his own like the big, independent boy that he is.

Jackson was excited to show Andrew around at his school and introduce him to everyone! Andrew has handled the transition to his new school amazingly well. He was instantly comfortable and his teacher told us today that he has been doing great--he's so sweet and is following all of the rules so well already. =)

On Monday, Jackson moved up to the next class, the Pre-K class. Can't believe this boy is one of the "big kids" now and will be headed to Kindergarten in just one short year! He wanted to make sure his "Who Dat" backpack got in a picture!

He's so excited about his new class and came home telling us about the "sand machine" they have in the sensory table and how if they make it to the top of the good behavior chart, they can use the computers during center time. Exciting stuff!

Daddy had to fly solo for the first day of school drop-off because I had to be at work super early for the last New Student Conference of the year. #workingmomprobz #daddyonduty (note to self: work out a solution to this before next year--can't miss Jackson's first day of Kindergarten!)

This is at the end of his first day. Too much excitement and being stuck in traffic made for one tired little boy!

And finally a quick flashback--first day of school 2013 vs 2014! Slow down boys!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wheels on the Bus

Jackson and Andrew are obsessed with buses. Especially Andrew. Every time he sees one he points and yells "BUS!" Several months ago when Andrew was in a particularly disagreeable mood, I was asking him a series of questions to see if I could find one thing he wouldn't say "No" to. It went something like this:

"Andrew, do you want to go get the mail with me?" - "No"
"Do you want to help me feed Gracie?" - "No"
"Do you want some applesauce?" - "No"
"Do you want to watch Elmo?" - "No"
"Do you want to go for a ride on a bus?" "YES!"

So then it was settled. We would go for a ride on a bus. Our first opportunity was on Friday when their school was closed and Justin and I were each taking a 1/2 day off anyway. It was also the last weekday before all of the students returned, making it our last good opportunity for a while for this little field trip.

Decked out in their 12th Man jerseys, they were some of the cutest little Aggie brothers you've ever seen. And this is how they chose to walk all over campus....

Our first stop was my office to drop off my stuff. The boys love "mommy's work friends" and enjoyed hanging out with them for a few minutes. Jackson especially has a soft spot for Ms. Emily. =)

They also checked in on the progress of the Kyle Field renovations...

And then we made it to the main attraction--the bus!! Jackson was delighted. He loved every minute of it and would have been happy to ride all day.

Poor Andrew was not so sure. Eventually his apprehension gave way to curiosity though, and he wanted to run around the bus. If only he had stayed fearful and we could have ridden longer!

We got off the bus and went to say hi to some friends in Student Activities. My friend Sarah snapped this picture of me and my boys as we left. Thanks Sarah!
My hands are full and so is my heart!

We stopped in the MSC bookstore to get a couple of Aggie hats for the boys. Jackson was excited to hug (earless?) Reveille. Andrew was not. He stood shyly behind me shaking his head and softly saying "no, no". 

But both boys were eager to splash in the fountain!

We boarded another bus that took us to a very special destination--to Daddy's office!

Daddy joined us for lunch on campus and by this point the boys were worn out! 

It was such a fun, simple morning with my little boys. And Jackson is already asking when we can do it again. =)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Andrew's Sick Day

I hate when my kids are sick...of course I do! But, how often do I get to take a half day (during my busiest season at work, no less) and get to spend it snuggling and playing with a cuddlier, slightly more subdued version of my favorite toddler?

Andrew got sick right after we put him to bed on Wednesday night and continued to get sick throughout the night. Ick. But by Thursday morning, he seemed to be feeling a little better and we enjoyed an hour of snuggling on the couch watching cartoons and he was even treated to breakfast with Elmo.

By mid-morning, it was clear that he was feeling better (i.e. he started getting into mischief) so we headed upstairs to play.

By the time Jackson made it home from school, Andrew was definitely feeling more like himself and was eager to show his brother the biggest train track we've ever built...while playing cowboy. Clearly those things go together, right?

We are grateful that Andrew's sickness was short-lived at least and that no one else was affected!

And while this post is about Andrew, I have to include these picture of Jackson, just because he is cute. =)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Day of School

Our boys wrapped up another year of school in their respective classes and are moving on to their new classes. These promotions are always a bittersweet time full of goodbyes and celebrations of how much they've learn and grown in the last year!

Andrew's last day was particularly bittersweet because this was his last day at St. Michaels. You may remember that back in March, Jackson started at a new school. We received word in July that a spot had become available for Andrew as well. While we are relieved to again have the boys at the same school, we are sad to say goodbye to all of the wonderful teachers who have taken such good care of our boys!
Sweet Andrew was not even a full-time walker when he started in the toddlers class last year!

Andrew's class celebrated on the last day with a "Promotion Party". Here he is waiting patiently with some of his friends for their special snacks. I know he will miss them all so much!

Nothing says party like a juice box!

This year was a time of transition for Jackson, having started at his new school in March. He has done wonderfully adapting to the new school, making new friends and just learning so much! 

We are so grateful to all of the Sunshine teachers for making the transition so positive for Jackson! He loves them so much and will miss them when he goes next door to the Friendship class. 

It is such a blessing to have all of these wonderful teachers who not only teach our kids, but love them!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swimming Lessons

We wrapped up two weeks of swimming lessons last Friday. 5:30 swimming lessons each day made for hectic evenings, but these two brothers eagerly looked forward to their lessons each day. 

Where Jackson leads, Andrew happily follows!
These were Andrew's first swimming lessons! Having done swimming lessons with Jackson at this age, I knew it was kind of a waste of money, but we couldn't very well take Jackson to swimming lessons and make Andrew just watch the whole time. While some of the little ones needed to go through the whole water acclimation process, Andrew was just ready to jump in and do his own thing. Too bad he still sinks like a rock if you let go of him to actually let him do his own thing. The combination of Andrew's independent desires and his lack of natural buoyancy led to hearing him say "NO!" about 100 times per 30 minute lesson. Oh, he can kick, blow bubbles in the water, and make "ice cream scoop" arms just fine--but don't you dare ask him to do it on cue! Isn't almost 2 such a wonderful age? One particularly disagreeable day he even refused to sing/splash to his favorite song, The Wheels on the Bus. He pointed his little finger at me and sternly said "No Wheels on Bus!" His favorite part was standing on the edge of the pool and jumping in. He actually never said no to that!

Mr. Jackson on the other hand loved everything about swimming lessons! He made impressive strides during the week and is now happy to put his face under water to dive for something, and has improved on putting all of those swimming components together. 

Jackson was most excited though about the last day because that is when they get to go down the water slide! And it did not disappoint! Even Andrew fearlessly got in on the action.

I'm glad we live in Texas so we have at least another month or two of warm weather to practice all of those new skills!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew's Big Boy Bed

Sweet Andrew decided he wanted some extra cuddle time on Saturday night, so he crawled out of his crib and came and found us. We had known it was just a matter of time...he's been able to crawl into his bed for quite some time and he climbs on everything. 

He did get that extra snuggle time with mom while daddy dropped his crib to the lowest level. We crossed our fingers and hoped that would contain him, but it took him about 1 minute to prove that a few more inches was no deterrent for Drewdozer.

See? It's easy!

So before nap time on Sunday, Andrew became the proud owner of a toddler bed (and a bit more baby proofing in his room).

Two nights in and the transition has been pretty easy! We can't believe how big this boy is getting!