Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zoo Day

Our extended July 4th weekend with Grammy and Pop continued on Saturday with a trip to the Lufkin Zoo.

It's a charming little zoo. The boys were able to run around and see all of the animals in just a couple of hours. And we totally lucked out on weather...when we arrived it was in the high 60s and only 82 at noon when we left! Pretty much unthinkable for a Texas July. Glorious!

The boys were easy to keep up with in their matching neon yellow shirts!

Did you know that Pop wrestles alligators?

There is a large population of peacocks (technically called a "muster"...I just googled it) that freely roam the zoo. They were everywhere...on every path, in the wooded areas and in pretty much every exhibit hanging out with the captive residents. Pretty neat!

I just love giraffes. That's all.

After seeing all of the animals, we rode the little zoo train which may have been the highlight for both boys.

Jackson found a peacock feather!

Justin and I both visited this zoo on multiple occasions as kids for family outings and school field trips. We remarked that as kids, the zoo seemed bigger, the train ride longer, and animals more numerous. And now our own kids are getting to make their own memories in these places that we remember with such fondness.

Saturday was a busy day for us because after naps and an early dinner, mom and I took Jackson to see the play Alice in Wonderland at SFA. It was a little hard to follow because, well, Alice in Wonderland is kind of out there, but Jackson enjoyed it. But maybe not quite as much as he enjoyed his post-play strawberry snow cone!

You already know that our relaxing and fun weekend ended on Sunday with Andrew's busted lip, but up until that moment, it was exactly what we needed! Thank you Grammy and Pop for such a fun few days!

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