Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy 21 Months Andrew!

Andrew is one quarter of a year from reaching the big TWO!

I'm a little late in getting this post up, but it was a good excuse to debut his smile with his stitches now removed.

He loves tools and "fixing" things. Of course, his method of "fixing" is to bang on the object with his tool as hard as he possibly can. As such, we discourage him from fixing windows and the cat.

He is silly and quite the little entertainer. He happily repeats behaviors that get a laugh. This is both adorable and dangerous!

Of course, the last month also saw his first emergency visit to the doctor. I'm afraid that this first set of stitches is probably a foreshadowing of things to come. When you combine his energy, fearlessness, and curiosity, unfortunately accidents are bound to happen. Good thing we have good insurance!

With just 3 months to go until his 2nd birthday, he is certainly acting his age. "No" is a favorite word now, as is "mine". The other day I was putting him in his car seat. He had carried a bowl of cereal out to the car to snack on. To get the straps on him, I had to take the bowl of cereal away momentarily. He pointed his little finger at me and in his sternest little voice he said "No. My bowl".
That's a Justin face if I've ever seen one!
Andrew still really likes to clean. If there is a spot on his little table, he will ask for a wipe and scrub the spot until it's gone.

He's talking much more with new words every day. He's also started stringing a couple of words together like "mama's shoes" as he brings me my shoes. He "reads" books and points at the pictures telling me the names of all of the pictures he knows.

Like here, where he is pointing out and naming (Curious) George who he loves!

He is a 100 mile per hour little tornado. But one of the sweetest little tornadoes you will ever meet! Happy 21 months Andrew!
No, he's not picking his nose...he's just showing me (with enthusiasm) where his nose is. But it cracks me up!

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