Monday, July 21, 2014

Favorite Playmates

The boys got to play with a few of their favorites this weekend, starting with Pop on Friday night.

My parents were driving through and just stayed for the evening. The boys wore Pop out and vice versa but you've never heard so many giggles!

On Saturday morning Gram and Pop had to leave, but the boys and I met up with Amber, Jilly and Alex for some playtime at the Children's Museum. 

The miracle of the morning was when we were leaving and Jackson asked "Mommy, will you take our picture on the train?" Perhaps it was just an excuse to climb on the train, but he rarely willingly takes a picture so I seized our opportunity!

The highlight of the morning immediately followed the photo op when the real train came whistling down the track that runs just behind the Museum. The conductor waved at the kiddos and blew the whistle. Jilly covered her ears while the boys watched with fascination while the entire train chugged along.

Day. made. =)

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