Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DuFrene Family StayCay--Part Dos!

Friday of the StayCay was our lake day! I'm pretty sure we had the lake all to ourselves so we lived it up. We floated, tubed and soaked up the sun. 

Jackson got brave and decided to go for a tube ride all by himself! He looks so little in the tube!

On Friday night, we checked out the SFA planetarium.

The presentation on black holes pretty much went over all of our heads, but we all enjoyed the demonstration on the summer night sky and seeing where all of the constellations can be found.

The kids all did pretty well during the presentation thanks to the promise of a sweet treat following the show...

Saturday started off right with cupcakes for breakfast to celebrate Evie's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Evie!

All these littles sure make things...interesting! They fight like siblings but love each other so much.

Marc, Ali and the girls had to head home that morning, but the rest of us continued our tour of the East Texas back roads to Jacksonville for the Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari. Fun Fact: My dad loves the back roads "short cuts". We drove 60 miles to Jacksonville and never saw so much as a stop light or gas station...just rolling hills, pine trees, red dirt, and the buzzing metropolises of Cushing, Reklaw and Sacul. =) 

This place was so neat! They give you a bag of food and then you drive at your own pace through the 300 acre park. We saw most every kind of deer imaginable, many of whom would eat right out of your hand.

In addition to deer, we saw quite a few more exotic animals as well, like this handsome fellow, Ollie the Camel.

And llamas, zebras, water buffalo, and bison!

And did the kids like it? You bet!

Back at home that evening as the StayCation was drawing to a close, Justin and I left the boys to enjoy a little more Grammy/Pop/cousin time while we took the 4-wheeler down to the lake to watch the sunset.

As if we hadn't already enjoyed enough wildlife that day, on our way down to the lake we saw this mama deer and her twins. So cute! Mama Deer had a slight look of panic in her eyes when we saw her. Perhaps she thought we were going to run over her family with the 4-wheeler. I like to think though that she and I had a shared moment of sympathy with one another. I get it mama, taking care of two little ones is tough!

The perfect end to a wonderful vacation!
My happy place.
Thank you mom and dad for planning such fun activities, loving on our kids, cooking, cleaning, and putting up with our chaos, and helping us create priceless memories for our family!

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