Monday, July 7, 2014

Drew Drew's Boo Boo

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled 4th of July recap programming to update you on Andrew.

If you are my friend on Facebook, you already know that Andrew had a little accident yesterday that resulted in a bad split lip and six stitches. We've received many questions and requests today for updates on our little man, so I thought I would put up a post here with all of the gory details.

How did it happen?
Surprisingly, he wasn't being a daredevil or anything crazy. We had been in Nacogdoches visiting my parents and were getting packed up to head home. Andrew is usually underfoot during this time, but he was happily occupied pulling around Jackson's rolling suitcase. As he rounded the island in my mom's kitchen, the suitcase got stuck. Rather than stopping and problem-solving, he applied brute strength (he didn't get the name Drew-dozer for no reason). The suitcase abruptly came loose and he face-planted onto the hard tile.

What exactly happened?
When he fell face-first, his tooth (the same one he chipped a few weeks ago) sliced through his bottom lip and split it pretty badly. We took him to urgent care where he received 6 stitches. The stitches by far were the worst part of the ordeal and involved swaddling him and 4 people holding him down while the doctor attempted to sew a moving target that was wailing for "mama, mama". Bless that doctor.

What's next?
For the short-term the challenge is keeping him from picking/biting at the stitches. The good news here is that he still loves his paci which is usually a bedtime only treat. This week he will get it 24/7 since it has proved extremely effective at preventing him from messing with the stitches until he gets them out on Friday.

The other concern is his tooth...the urgent care doctor recommend that Andrew see a dentist to check on the tooth that did the damage because it appeared loose and slightly shifted. We saw the dentist today who said we will just have to wait and see. It may discolor. It may die and fall out. It may be perfectly fine. Let's pray that it's the latter! Gap toothed smiles are cute temporarily for 6-7 year olds, but spending 4+ years without a front tooth might be a little much. The dentist did say though that as long as the tooth doesn't abscess, there is no concern about damage to his permanent tooth that is developing.

How is he today?
This morning he was cranky and clingy, but he seemed much better tonight. He ate lunch and dinner decently well today, which was a relief because yesterday he didn't want to eat or drink. Prayers are appreciated for speedy healing for his lip and no long-term damage to his tooth.

Here are a few pictures from the ordeal and Andrew's sewn up smile:

Lots of serious faces around here in the last day.

But tonight we finally saw some smiles!
And even a few giggles!
Thank goodness I put his toy wrench in the diaper bag before we left for urgent care. Everything in the room got "fixed" while we waited to see the doctor.

Last night's dinner consisted of a popsicle, yogurt and fruit. I was just glad he ate something!
Thank you for all of your love, concern and prayers for our little guy!

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