Saturday, July 19, 2014


Back in April when the bluebonnets were in full bloom, we got to hang out with our favorite photographer, Sarah, for a couple of hours. 

Sarah said this may be her favorite shoot she's done with us yet (and she's done a lot!) and I would have to agree. Each image was just perfect. I had a hard time picking my favorites for this post and so you can imagine that it will be nearly impossible to pick the select few that make it onto my wall!

I suspect that the greatest pressure for a photographer must be to get the perfect family shot. #shenailedit 

Here's the one to hang over the mantle!

Mr. Jackson rocked this shoot. He absolutely adores Sarah and thinks our shoots are the most fun thing ever. He typically refuses to smile for a picture for me, but Sarah makes it all a game. The result? Absolutely swoon-worthy images!

That gets me every time!

Precious Andrew made sure that big brother didn't upstage him. I just love everything about these images... how Sarah was able to perfectly capture this stage at 18 months as he was leaving babyhood for toddlerhood. I look at them and can hear his giggle, feel the softness of his hair and can pinch his quickly fading baby chubby cheeks.

Each boy got some pictures with mama....

And daddy....

Well, with Andrew we tried anyways! At 18 months Andrew was quite a mama's boy and these images perfectly tell that part of his story! Poor Daddy!

But perhaps my favorites are the ones of my sweet boys together. This is the first of our shoots in which it is obvious that Jackson and Andrew have become friends and playmates.

Even the outtakes are pretty adorable!

Every little Texan needs this image...on a horse in a field of bluebonnets. =)

One surprise when looking through these images was noticing how BIG Jackson looks on this rocking horse. He has almost outgrown it. Tear.

Me and my honey even got to snuggle in for a few pictures together.

Thank you, Sarah for so perfectly capturing our family once again! These are such a treasure and couldn't be more perfect!

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