Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Brief Respite

Being a parent is the most wonderful joy and blessing. But sometimes mama and daddy need a break. 

Nana came into town on Wednesday and she got to spend a special day with each boy. Jackson got to stay home with her on Thursday and they went to the science museum. Andrew's day with her was Friday and they enjoyed lots of time outside together in the morning. But then Jackson got him sent home from school sick a little later in the day. He had some kind of virus with the only real symptoms being a fever and extreme crankiness. Seriously, you have never heard so much whining. And then poor Andrew had to get his stitches out on Friday afternoon which basically equated to 45 minutes of Justin holding him down while the doctor and nurse did their thing. Saturday brought more of the same with Jackson still not feeling good and Andrew seemingly doing everything he could to annoy him. We are always grateful for a date night, but by Saturday night we were just relieved to get out of the house! Bless you, Nana!

Andrew really wanted to be in the picture too!

Justin and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner and a little shopping. We came home to a quiet house, sleeping children, and a Harry Potter marathon on tv. All's well that ends well, right? 

Thanks for the break, Nana!

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