Monday, June 30, 2014

Slowdown Saturday

Summers around here are busy. Between my crazy work schedule, weekend travel and other obligations, it's pretty rare that we just have a whole day with no where to be. 

Saturday was just such a day and we soaked it up, starting with some pool time with our best friends.

Andrew at the pool is just like Andrew on land--not entertained by any one thing for very long and in constant motion. He hops from the big pool, to the baby pool, to the splash pad, and back again. As we say often, he's lucky he is cute and sweet because!

Jackson's favorite pool activity is when I throw him up in the air (but bring him down gently instead of letting him splash in the water--he's not a huge fan of going underwater) and riding on my back through the deep end. Fun for Jackson + good and fun workout for mommy = win win!

Our afternoon was filled with a simple lunch, LONG naps for the boys (and even short ones for the grown-ups!), a trip to the library and easy play time around the house. Later in the evening, we hitched up the bike trailer and rode our bikes the one mile to the nearby frozen yogurt place. The boys thought this was the coolest thing ever...riding our bikes to actually GO somewhere!

This respite of a Saturday with the family to slow down, relax and enjoy each other was exactly what we all needed!

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