Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pool Parties!

On Saturday, we had not one, but TWO birthday pool parties!

The first party was in the morning, with a break for lunch and nap and then back to the pool for the second party in the afternoon. Let's just say we ALL slept good on Saturday night!

Both boys must have gone down this slide 200 times. Not an exaggeration.

Andrew was so precious and fearless going down the slide!

Jackson is such a big kid at the pool this summer (as big as he can be in 2 ft of water with his life vest on). Last year he still stuck pretty close to mom and dad, but now he is happy to dart off with his friends. At party #2 he had so much fun playing with his friend Jonathan.

But Andrew still looks back to make sure mom and dad are hovering nearby!

We had so much fun at both parties and helping these sweet kiddos celebrate their big day!

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