Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jackson's Special Day

Jackson's actual birthday fell on Monday, so we decided to take the day and make it all about him.

We dropped Andrew off at school that morning and then first took him to get donuts--a rare treat! What Jackson enjoys even more than eating donuts is watching the workers make the donuts...and dance around on the "stage" in front of the windows which overlook the kitchen area.

He put away 9 donut holes!

After breakfast, we went to see How to Train your Dragon 2. Jackson was sooooooooo excited about this and loved the movie! He was absolutely loving the day that was all about him. Several times during the movie he leaned over and said "I don't have to go to school, right? I just get to stay with you and daddy all day, right?"

After the movie, unfortunately I had to get to work. We had the first of 2400 students for the week showing up that afternoon and I couldn't miss my weekly staff meeting. So we decided to grab some lunch on campus before the boys headed home.

After lunch, the boys headed home for a nap followed by some experiments for our budding scientist. He got this science kit for his birthday and it couldn't be more perfect for him (Thanks Aunt Judy!) He LOVED making the chemical reactions, learning how/why it worked, and I don't think I have ever seen anyone look cuter in lab goggles!

When I got home, we gave Jackson his birthday present from us--a new glider swing for the swing set...or as he calls it his "horsey swing"!!!

We were so blessed to get to spend the day with our precious firstborn to celebrate him! How quickly the last four years have passed since we first laid eyes on this handsome boy and spent our first moments together with just the three of us!

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