Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jackson's 4 Year Check-Up

Jackson had his four year old check-up at the doctor last week, so we have official updated stats:

Height: 3 ft, 3 inches (22nd percentile and 2.75 inches grown since last year)

Weight: 32 pounds, 8 oz (20th percentile and 2 pound gained since last year)

He cooperated beautifully for the entire appointment but went a little ballistic when it was time for the shots. What's crazy though is now he won't have to get any more regular immunizations until he is 11! Crazy!

(As a side note, 20 month old Andrew also stepped on the scale while we were at the doctor and he was 30.5 pounds--the same that Jackson weighed at his 3 year check-up!)

We also updated our growth chart at home tonight. Jackson loves to hear about how much he has grown. If he ever wakes up grumpy in the morning, I will exclaim "oh my goodness! Look how much you grew last night!" He giggles and beams and his grumpiness is generally forgotten (momentarily at least). 

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