Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

My boys seriously lucked out in the daddy department!

He gives them his undivided attention. He is gentle and patient. And fun! The boys adore him. He is the BEST daddy!

He is a true partner in every sense of the, cleaning, caring for the boys...he's right there for every step. He is literally my knight in shining armor!

You know who else lucked out in the daddy department? ME!

From being my favorite jungle gym and playmate... my favorite dance partner....

...and providing the best example of a godly husband and father...

...and now seeing all of my love and adoration for him reflected in the eyes of my children. I have the BEST daddy!

Yep, I'm a lucky girl, indeed! Happy Father's Day to all of the best daddies out there!

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