Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy 20 Months Andrew!

Andrew is 20 months! I can hardly believe it! 

During his 20th month, we welcomed his 2nd summer season! And may I say that this boy rocks a muscle shirt? I just want to squeeze him! (and usually do!)

During the last month, Andrew has cut 3 new teeth. With those three teeth, he's got a complete mouthful until his two year molars decide to appear. Maybe he will at least get a little break! Upon seeing him, most people remark on his blondish hair which is a surprise in this family of brunettes. In clothes, he's wearing anything from a size 24 month to a 3T. It's getting harder to tell which clothes belong to which boy and I bet at some point they just have a completely shared wardrobe!

He loves blueberries, cheese, and ketchup. He doesn't like anything mushy (like mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs). 

In the last month, Andrew has debuted probably 50 new words he is using on a regular basis. He's still not a big talker, but is saying much more and will often repeat things we say.

Andrew is a great sleeper! He usually goes to sleep without a fuss, sleeps late on the weekends and takes about a two hour nap. He is in constant motion and mischief when he is awake so we are incredibly grateful for the break! He always wakes up in a great mood.

His favorite hobbies include watering the plants, pestering Gracie the cat, mimicking Jackson's every move and dumping water out of the bathtub.

At 20 months Andrew is exuberant and silly. He is generous with affection and gives great hugs with his arms wrapped tightly around your neck. He has the BEST giggle.

This 20 month old boy is such a joy and I am so grateful to be his mommy!

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