Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dragon Slaying...and presents!

The one other request that Jackson made regarding his party was to slay a dragon. ....???? Thank goodness I was able to find this dragon pinata on Amazon! After the party and dinner, we returned to our house with just family to take care of that dragon and open some presents.
Jackson may have been told that he had to take a picture before
he could slay the dragon. You can tell how cooperative he felt.
All the dragon slayers lined up for their turn against the fierce dragon.

Most everyone got some good whacks in...

...but I do believe that the birthday boy had the best facial expressions!

Following the dragon slaying, Jackson got to open his presents from his family and friends. My goodness this boy got spoiled. And friends and did well! There were several exclamations of "this is just what I've always wanted!"
Who's more excited in this picture...Jackson or mom? =)

What a fun day!!

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